Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sunny Breakfast


Despite it being well into Fall, it is still quite sunny and hot here in California. Sadly, it's not quite hot cocoa and sweaters for us yet. But, I'm sure that will change in a few weeks, so to play homage to some of the last few days of sunny weather, I've put together some sunny items perfect for a kitchen or a front porch dining room.

[Clockwise from the cute bee honey container: Silver Honey Bee available at Delight. A few of the color options from the very popular set of Latte Bowls available at Anthropologie. A really cool Boiled and Peeled Print made from an original watercolor and ink painting done by Owen Sherwood and Emma Copley of Tomato Can Studio. Last but not a least, is a little yellow Magnetic Timer via Anthropologie].


  1. I really like this group of things, and am very pleased you chose one of my pieces, (Boiled and Peeled) I look on your blog all the time now, thanks so much for including me!

  2. Thank you so much for your comment! I really love your Boiled and Peeled piece!