Thursday, January 01, 2009

Instant Blog Favorite: Once Wed


Perhaps I'm just behind on my blog reading, but I just recently discovered a truly wonderful blog; Once Wed. I love it so much I just had to share it with you all -- it is seriously that good. I cannot tell you how often I visit wedding related blogs, even though I've been married for over two years now. Not only are they a great inspiration for wedding ideas, but you can easily take what you see for a wedding and use it for any sort of get together you may be having, whether extravagant or laid-back; I find that a lot of ideas really transfer well. Once Wed is an immediate favorite and one I've added to my list of wedding related blogs I now visit regularly. The above images are from a bi-monthly Table Trends feature that they started a few months ago - it is in the theme of An Orchard Wedding, when I saw it, I immediately fell in love. And let me tell you, if this post had been around when I got married I would have definitely run with this idea - it sweetly perfect for the intimate wedding I wanted to create. I must say that the best part of this feature is that it can be re-created for a mere $250 - with supplies and materials that are easily attainable - in fact, all the Table Trends they featured are created for just $200-250. I would definitely urge you to visit Once Wed for amazingly inspirational ideas.

All images and designs 100% by Once Wed.

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