Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Really loving...


These items.

I'd love these napkins with a pocket for silverware from Plum Party for our next get together. These card catalog pulls from Anthropologie are amazing. I have to hold myself back from ordering a bunch of them, because I have no real project in mind to use them on. Then again, I'd hate it if they went out of stock before I got a chance to find a place for them. Also loving this cardigan from Anthro. I'm obsessed with baskets, and the fact that these have a lid makes me want them that much more. They'd be perfect for holding mail or other odds and ends. They would also be an especially good hiding place for things as you rush frantically around the room shoving items anywhere because Surprise! you have a visitor. Also good for organizing, since it's time to start those New Year Resolutions I didn't bother making this year. Oh, and the baskets are from Crate and Barrel.



  1. your photos are like eye candy! The napkin pockets remind me of (this may seem random) washcloths in Holland. We cycled there for 6 weeks this summer, and every place we stayed had pocket washcloths for the shower! So sensible and nice to look at (they don't fold funny, so you can set them atop towels for a coordinated set...)

  2. Thanks for the sweet comment! Those washcloths (and Holland) sound lovely.